What is the meaning of the punch mold is formed

In the control of punch production period, the mold transfer closed or not related to the accuracy of Tim leatherwork accuracy, absurd grid punch mold not only the accuracy of infection processing, but also to bring the necessary Xianyan production, then, what is Reason lead to punch mold differentiated it?

1, the division of lattice grid die of the original material. In the raw material a little bad, to adopt a variety of talent to abolish the loosening of the structure of raw materials segregation and the ribbon may be obtained by casting correction.
2, punch mold parts Shiva startled Reasonable, will lead to vacuum quenching cracking should be to prevent sharp corners, edges and corners, in order to avoid uneven thickness of the punch factory, reduce the roughness. The vacuum quenching stresses of some of the other sharp corners and margins are the most cohesive areas, with harsh and blunt edges rounded or inverted. Thickness of the uneven part of the joint, but the difference over will lead to deformation or cracking. Rough surface may be a direct result of vacuum quenching cracking, specially high-alloy steel is more sensitive.

3, solemnly implement the heat treatment process, to receive the effective test frown child, guarding heat, anti-oxidation, overheating, burning. The temperature dominates the charm by exactly checking or changing the heating and cooling medium on schedule.

4, the characteristics of the mold cavity for the assimilation of heat after the punishment does not need to re-processing, or only one side of the light to optimize the thermal penalty after, in order to defend the quenching deformation.

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