What is the electric punch?

The photoelectric punch press is suitable for the high-rise building and operation of the factory, so in the first and among them the electric punch range is the place where the electric punch press is small, the machine has the advantages of light volume, high efficiency, easy operation, low noise, The most widely used.

However, we use the electric punch is there some places to note, although the electric punch small size, simple operation, but the operator during the operation, it is recommended not to cut off the power, the machine did not completely stop, prohibit the upper and lower mold hand, electric Punch is small, but once the damage is very large, so operators need to pay attention to, so as to avoid accidents.

For the use of the most widely used high-rise building on the market and the use of electric punch presses, punch press manufacturers in Zhengzhou is not underestimated, light weight, in all areas of production, easy to operate has been strict, the production of fine integrated publishing house will be put into use.

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