Product use conditions of mold chamber

1, the installation site In this case, The ground is flat and well ventilated In this case, There is no strong vibration around the device In this case, There is no strong electromagnetic field around the device In this case angle straightener, No flammable, explosive, corrosive substances and dust around the equipment In this case, Leave appropriate space around the equipment for use and maintenance, In this case, 2, power supply conditions In this case, Power requirements: AC380V ± 10% 50 ± 0.5Hz three-phase five-wire system In this case, Pre-installed power: total power + 2.0KW In this case, The user is required to configure the air or power switch of the corresponding capacity on the installation site, and this switch must be used independently for this equipment (recommended power switch capacity: 32A) In this case, 3, environmental conditions In this case, Ambient temperature: 5 ℃ ~ +30 ℃ (within 24 hours the average temperature ≤ 30 ℃) In this case, Environmental humidity: ≤ 85% RH In this case, 4, water supply conditions (only hot and humid type and the need for water equipment) In this case, Using pure water, distilled water, deionized water. Resistivity ≥ 500Ω.m In this case, 5, other considerations In this case, Opening the door of the test chamber during the test will cause fluctuations in the temperature and humidity inside the box. If the door is opened several times during the test or when the door is opened for a long time or the test sample emits moisture vapor, the heat exchanger may freeze in the refrigeration system And can not work properly In this case drilling tapping machine, Mold test chamber Angle Straightening Machine, as artificial speed up the breeding of mold use, assessment of electrical and electronic products, the ability of mold and mildew.

In this case, Mold chamber cabinet with CNC machine tool processing molding, nice shape, and the use of non-reactive handle, easy to operate. Box liner imported high-grade stainless steel mirror panel, box outside the gallbladder with A3 steel spray, an increase of the appearance of texture and cleanliness. Replenishment tank placed in the lower right of the control box, and there is water protection, more convenient to add water to the operator. Large observation window with a bright light to keep the box, and the use of heat built-in tempered glass, clear observation of the situation at any time. Humidification system piping and control circuit board separately, to avoid leakage of the humidification pipeline failure, improve security. Waterway system pipeline circuit system is used to open the door to facilitate maintenance and repair. Cabinet insulation using ultra-fine fiber insulation cotton, to avoid unnecessary energy loss. In this case, Mold test chamber for aerospace products, materials, electronic products, all kinds of electronic vitality in the hot and humid environment, test its performance.

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