Precautions for open – type tilting punch

1, users in the installation, use the open tilting press before, should be familiar with the manual, so as to avoid improper operation. 2, the installation of presses, parts of the press should be working on the surface of the rust-proof grease cleaned, especially the manipulator and brake wheel parts to be thoroughly cleaned to prevent skidding and malfunction punch machine for flat bars. 3, adjust the inspection press, if you need to remove the protective cover, should first stop power, non-boot boot or test machine. 4, before commissioning the press, should check the operation, locking structure safety and reliability, pay attention to safety warning. 5, punch press test machine, you must cut off the press power supply, with manual adjustment, is strictly prohibited boot mode. If the user purchased models for the J21-80, J23-80, J23-125, should also be based on the weight of the model according to instructions to adjust the balancer nut, to prevent the balance force is too large or too small.


6, pre-installed model test machine, you should first check the various parts of the fastening screw presses loose, and then boot empty running, check the clutch, control mechanism, brake operation is flexible and reliable. 7, is strictly prohibited do not use the fuse or unauthorized change fuse structure and materials, so as not to press the overload, the occurrence of bed, crankshaft fracture and other major accidents. 8, should be lubricated to the lubrication point, especially the clutch lubrication point punching metal, in the gear cover, and manipulator shaft seat lubrication .Otherwise, will cause internal and external bushing burns and manipulator running ineffective. 9, for stamping processing, forbidden to hand into the dangerous area of ​​feeding or reclaiming. 10, regular inspection of various parts of the fastening screw is loose off, with particular attention to connecting rods, manipulators, electromagnet cage, foot switch, etc. tighten the locking screw situation, if loose to lock in time. 11, is strictly prohibited to increase the electrical box fuse specifications, to prevent the power transformer burned.

12, two people at the same time is strictly prohibited to operate a press cnc milling machine, such as a feeding, a person press the switch or foot switch. 13, found that the press operation is abnormal, such as the rotating parts loose, control device failure, should immediately stop and operate according to the provisions of their own manual inspection, such as troubleshooting can not be promptly with the company after-sales service department or intermediate links sales maintenance. 14, after the completion of a single trip  hands or feet should leave the button or foot pedal to prevent malfunction.

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