Knowledge of the impact of the punch press clutch

For the punch of the assembly of the impact of the collection has every detail of its basis, then the small series of punch manufacturers to give you about the impact of the impact of the clutch punch little common sense, attempt to help you better understand the punch:

Punch noise can be divided into operating noise and noise. Punch key to clutch the true nature of the key is to turn the key and open the three key bits in the middle of a key bonding. Clutch engagement noise is stimulated by a series of impacts.

1, the transfer key and the impact of the suite, namely the steady-state switch key and circled in the main process of the two sets of collisions.

2, the impact of the key and the crankshaft, that is, one side of the key and the impact of the suite at the same time, the other side in the former counter-productive efforts with the crankshaft under the hindrance.

3, the impact of the crankshaft and its sliding bearing bearing factory support.

Clutch then received by the size of the impulse, in the texture of the inevitable conditions of the impact of high and low speed; but also with the texture of their own rigidity and damping character.

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