IPM punch the R u0026 D design more and more outstanding Punch

IPM punch the R \u0026 D design more and more outstanding Punch with the reform and development, in promoting the trend of technological innovation, the entire punching technology and punch products have made great progress in the amount of rapid development pipeline welding machine. High-tech products appear in the market, in people’s daily lives, for the production of enterprises, for the entire industry has brought a great contribution. In this case, Domestic press industry is taking the road of development, more real, reliable and secure. Through the efforts in the stamping technology, innovative R \u0026 D design, let it progress with the progress of science and technology, a number of Gaoke technology has been applied, so that the punch was improved, but also better feedback economic development. At present, with the further reform of our punching machine and the prosperity of the domestic market CNC H-Beam Drilling Machine, some punch manufacturers stand out as IPM punching presses as an old enterprise in the stamping industry for our stamping business angle steel bender. The industry and customers alike.

In this case, As people improve the quality of products stamping and change, IPM punch manufacturers are constantly innovation, development, the manufacture of the punch for the people wholeheartedly service. We will be rigorous attitude, peace of mind, continue to go on, I believe that the punch will be manufactured out of more and more outstanding. In this case, In this case, IPM company has large and a large number of CNC machining equipment, precision testing equipment and a full set of physical and chemical facilities and other advanced quality control methods, and to achieve the ERP resource planning system, PDM network design management and advanced CAM-assisted manufacturing and processing Materials and technology to deal with the physical and chemical testing / mechanical stress treatment, and other high-end enterprise information engineering, the establishment of a professional R \u0026 D center, product design and manufacturing the entire process of strict implementation of ISO international quality standard system procedures and reference to international stamping equipment standard grade requirements. Punch series specializing in the production, precision presses, pneumatic presses, sheet metal presses, forging presses and so on.

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