IPM and you on the future of precision punch press trends

IPM and you on the future of precision punch press trends IPM and you discuss the future development trend of precision punching machine Shenzhen IPM Precision Machinery Co laser cutting robot arm., Ltd. is located in the strategic location of the convenient transportation of Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province. IPM insists on the quality policy of ‘quality and service’, and continuously improve the quality consciousness and quality level of the whole staff steel cutting machine, make clear the quality target and follow the principle, and ensure the advanced position and reliability of the products in the market competition. Welcome customers to buy, and to undertake customer needs to the special specifications of products. Company’s main products: precision presses, pneumatic presses, sheet metal presses, forging press. Punch industry and continuous high-speed growth for ten years compared to the punch industry, the main economic indicators showed an overall growth rate down, especially in the punch to accelerate the profit growth rate down, highlighting the punch to speed up the urgency of structural upgrading, stable punch prices imminent. Last year, China’s precision punching industry achieved a surplus of $ 12.4 billion in foreign trade, mainly due to the low-end processing trade in the industrial chain, and in the more realistic level of the punch industry, ‘general trade’ A huge deficit of $ 22.2 billion. Reflecting the international press industry in China is a comparative advantage of the industry, the future of China’s exports can be an important support.

Reflected in China’s competitiveness is mainly reflected in the low-end punch products cost-effective advantage in the field of high-end equipment and the world advanced level there is still a huge gap. Accelerate the industrial structure adjustment, is to fundamentally alleviate the current press industry is facing declining profit margins, weak market demand, price fluctuations and other issues the only way out. Full punch industry must be from the speed, size for the first goal orientation, into a quality, efficiency first goal orientation pipe welding machine, even at the expense of some speed, but also continue to push the industry structure adjustment and upgrade. In this case, Well-known brands of enterprises affected by the economic environment is small, even in the sales crisis, still able to maintain strong growth momentum, and some brands or not well-known enterprises are less affected, punch or a new round of industry reshuffle In the future will be the key to the development of the brand. Focus on quality and service brands, will be more consumers of all ages. The main price competition, product quality is not high companies, will be in the brutal competition, the loss of the market. Brand enterprises in the limited market space, for more sales share. Brand-name, brand awareness and other brands are not high companies will face eliminated.

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