Introduction to Vibration Measurement of CNC Drilling Machine

The dynamic force acting on the CNC drilling machine will affect the dynamic performance, and the dynamic stress will make the fatigue damage, and sometimes leave the residual deformation, reduce the service life of the equipment, but also produce environmental noise , So the need for CNC drilling machine vibration measurement, the main contents are as follows:
1, the vibration of the measurement: measuring the vibrator at the selected point on the displacement, velocity, acceleration of the size; vibrating body time course, frequency, phase, spectrum;
2, the system characteristics of the test parameters: the system stiffness, damping, natural frequency, vibration type, dynamic response characteristics should be.
3, mechanical, structural or parts of the dynamic strength test: the mechanical simulation of environmental conditions, vibration or shock test to test the product’s vibration life, performance, stability, and design, manufacture, installation and reasonable.
4, equipment, equipment or machinery vibration monitoring: the equipment, equipment or machinery running on-line monitoring, measured vibration information at any time, diagnose the failure to make timely processing to ensure its normal and reliable operation.
In order to ensure the working performance and service life of CNC drilling machine, we should control the vibration of CNC drilling machine by the vibration measurement of the equipment within the allowable amount.

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