Co-forging with you that China is a metal forming power or power

Co-forging with you that China is a metal forming power or power? Although China in 2009 has leapt to the world’s largest machine tool producer cnc drilling, but the gap is still evident with the developed countries. Metal forming machine tools as an important category of tools, but also has a large but not strong features. China’s metal forming machine tool industry enterprises generally small scale. At present, China’s forging machinery industry manufacturers sales revenue of 500 million yuan more than about 460 enterprises Drilling Machine for ring, the vast majority of small and medium enterprises, large heavy, precision machining core equipment and production facilities, production capacity is very limited, can not produce Large tonnage sheet metal fabrication, high speed, wide table, high-precision presses, can not meet the metal forming process development requirements of the forming machine.

China’s metal forming machine tool industry product structure in recent years continue to optimize, but China’s metal forming machine small and medium, low value-added products accounted for still larger. China’s high-end, specific users in urgent need of ‘special, refined, special’ metal forming machine tool product development and production capacity is insufficient to meet the needs of national economic development is still highly dependent on imports. Therefore, it is a long-term task to develop the heavy-duty, high-end, high-speed, precision metal forming machine tool, and further optimize the product structure is the metal forming machine tool industry.

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