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IPM tells you about safety precautions for high-speed presses

IPM tells you about safety precautions for high-speed presses IPM tells you about safety precautions for high-speed presses Shenzhen IPM Precision Machinery Co., Ltd cnc drill. specializes in the production of precision and high-speed series presses (15T-500T), and has a large and a large number of CNC processing equipment, precision testing equipment, and a full set of physical and chemical facilities, advanced quality control means, ERP, PDM, CAM and other enterprise information engineering, with rapid response to market demand resilience. IPM tells you about high-speed punch safety precautions are as follows: Before work 1. Check all parts of the lubrication, and make the lubrication of electricity to be fully lubricated; 2. Check whether the mold is installed correctly and reliably; 3 cnc drill machine. Check whether the compressed air pressure is within the specified range;

4. Be sure to disconnect the flywheel and clutch before turning on the motor. 5. Motor is running, you should check whether the direction of rotation of the flywheel with the same rotating logo; 6. Make the press run several empty strokes to check the operation of the brakes, clutches and controls. Working 1. Should be regularly used to manually lubricate the lubricating oil pump to send lubricating oil; 2. Press the function is not familiar with, not allowed to adjust the press; 3. It is absolutely forbidden to punch the two-layer sheet at the same time; 4 found that work is not normal should immediately stop working tube punching machine, and promptly check. After work 1. Disengage the flywheel and clutch, cut off the power, and release the remaining air; 2. Wipe the press clean, anti-rust oil coated table; 3. Make a record of each run or maintenance.

IPM punch the R u0026 D design more and more outstanding Punch

IPM punch the R \u0026 D design more and more outstanding Punch with the reform and development, in promoting the trend of technological innovation, the entire punching technology and punch products have made great progress in the amount of rapid development pipeline welding machine. High-tech products appear in the market, in people’s daily lives, for the production of enterprises, for the entire industry has brought a great contribution. In this case, Domestic press industry is taking the road of development, more real, reliable and secure. Through the efforts in the stamping technology, innovative R \u0026 D design, let it progress with the progress of science and technology, a number of Gaoke technology has been applied, so that the punch was improved, but also better feedback economic development. At present, with the further reform of our punching machine and the prosperity of the domestic market CNC H-Beam Drilling Machine, some punch manufacturers stand out as IPM punching presses as an old enterprise in the stamping industry for our stamping business angle steel bender. The industry and customers alike.

In this case, As people improve the quality of products stamping and change, IPM punch manufacturers are constantly innovation, development, the manufacture of the punch for the people wholeheartedly service. We will be rigorous attitude, peace of mind, continue to go on, I believe that the punch will be manufactured out of more and more outstanding. In this case, In this case, IPM company has large and a large number of CNC machining equipment, precision testing equipment and a full set of physical and chemical facilities and other advanced quality control methods, and to achieve the ERP resource planning system, PDM network design management and advanced CAM-assisted manufacturing and processing Materials and technology to deal with the physical and chemical testing / mechanical stress treatment, and other high-end enterprise information engineering, the establishment of a professional R \u0026 D center, product design and manufacturing the entire process of strict implementation of ISO international quality standard system procedures and reference to international stamping equipment standard grade requirements. Punch series specializing in the production, precision presses, pneumatic presses, sheet metal presses, forging presses and so on.

IPM and you on the future of precision punch press trends

IPM and you on the future of precision punch press trends IPM and you discuss the future development trend of precision punching machine Shenzhen IPM Precision Machinery Co laser cutting robot arm., Ltd. is located in the strategic location of the convenient transportation of Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province. IPM insists on the quality policy of ‘quality and service’, and continuously improve the quality consciousness and quality level of the whole staff steel cutting machine, make clear the quality target and follow the principle, and ensure the advanced position and reliability of the products in the market competition. Welcome customers to buy, and to undertake customer needs to the special specifications of products. Company’s main products: precision presses, pneumatic presses, sheet metal presses, forging press. Punch industry and continuous high-speed growth for ten years compared to the punch industry, the main economic indicators showed an overall growth rate down, especially in the punch to accelerate the profit growth rate down, highlighting the punch to speed up the urgency of structural upgrading, stable punch prices imminent. Last year, China’s precision punching industry achieved a surplus of $ 12.4 billion in foreign trade, mainly due to the low-end processing trade in the industrial chain, and in the more realistic level of the punch industry, ‘general trade’ A huge deficit of $ 22.2 billion. Reflecting the international press industry in China is a comparative advantage of the industry, the future of China’s exports can be an important support.

Reflected in China’s competitiveness is mainly reflected in the low-end punch products cost-effective advantage in the field of high-end equipment and the world advanced level there is still a huge gap. Accelerate the industrial structure adjustment, is to fundamentally alleviate the current press industry is facing declining profit margins, weak market demand, price fluctuations and other issues the only way out. Full punch industry must be from the speed, size for the first goal orientation, into a quality, efficiency first goal orientation pipe welding machine, even at the expense of some speed, but also continue to push the industry structure adjustment and upgrade. In this case, Well-known brands of enterprises affected by the economic environment is small, even in the sales crisis, still able to maintain strong growth momentum, and some brands or not well-known enterprises are less affected, punch or a new round of industry reshuffle In the future will be the key to the development of the brand. Focus on quality and service brands, will be more consumers of all ages. The main price competition, product quality is not high companies, will be in the brutal competition, the loss of the market. Brand enterprises in the limited market space, for more sales share. Brand-name, brand awareness and other brands are not high companies will face eliminated.

Co-forging with you that China is a metal forming power or power

Co-forging with you that China is a metal forming power or power? Although China in 2009 has leapt to the world’s largest machine tool producer cnc drilling, but the gap is still evident with the developed countries. Metal forming machine tools as an important category of tools, but also has a large but not strong features. China’s metal forming machine tool industry enterprises generally small scale. At present, China’s forging machinery industry manufacturers sales revenue of 500 million yuan more than about 460 enterprises Drilling Machine for ring, the vast majority of small and medium enterprises, large heavy, precision machining core equipment and production facilities, production capacity is very limited, can not produce Large tonnage sheet metal fabrication, high speed, wide table, high-precision presses, can not meet the metal forming process development requirements of the forming machine.

China’s metal forming machine tool industry product structure in recent years continue to optimize, but China’s metal forming machine small and medium, low value-added products accounted for still larger. China’s high-end, specific users in urgent need of ‘special, refined, special’ metal forming machine tool product development and production capacity is insufficient to meet the needs of national economic development is still highly dependent on imports. Therefore, it is a long-term task to develop the heavy-duty, high-end, high-speed, precision metal forming machine tool, and further optimize the product structure is the metal forming machine tool industry.

The main advantages of IPM high – speed punch press

What are the main advantages of high-speed presses? 1. High rigidity Precision punch high rigidity, high precision structure, the use of steel plate welding, and by heat treatment, to eliminate the stress inside the bed. Slide adjustment mechanism adjustment precision up to 0.1mm, adjust the production more secure, fast. 2. Center of gravity balance Transmission center and the machine as a whole the center of the line, to ensure accurate and stable stamping.

3. Stable and safe operation Clutch / brake device is highly sensitive, coupled with the international top double solenoid valve and overload protection device to ensure that the punch slider to run and stop the accuracy and safety cnc machines for sale. 4. High precision High-speed punch crankshaft, gear, gear shaft and other parts are hardened by heat treatment and then grinding process, a high wear resistance and balance angle cutting machine, stable performance, to ensure punch quality and life. In this case, 5. Processing automation Can be used with any of the automatic feed mechanism, automated production, reduce costs and improve efficiency Self-Adjustable Roller Stand.

Precautions for open – type tilting punch

1, users in the installation, use the open tilting press before, should be familiar with the manual, so as to avoid improper operation. 2, the installation of presses, parts of the press should be working on the surface of the rust-proof grease cleaned, especially the manipulator and brake wheel parts to be thoroughly cleaned to prevent skidding and malfunction punch machine for flat bars. 3, adjust the inspection press, if you need to remove the protective cover, should first stop power, non-boot boot or test machine. 4, before commissioning the press, should check the operation, locking structure safety and reliability, pay attention to safety warning. 5, punch press test machine, you must cut off the press power supply, with manual adjustment, is strictly prohibited boot mode. If the user purchased models for the J21-80, J23-80, J23-125, should also be based on the weight of the model according to instructions to adjust the balancer nut, to prevent the balance force is too large or too small.


6, pre-installed model test machine, you should first check the various parts of the fastening screw presses loose, and then boot empty running, check the clutch, control mechanism, brake operation is flexible and reliable. 7, is strictly prohibited do not use the fuse or unauthorized change fuse structure and materials, so as not to press the overload, the occurrence of bed, crankshaft fracture and other major accidents. 8, should be lubricated to the lubrication point, especially the clutch lubrication point punching metal, in the gear cover, and manipulator shaft seat lubrication .Otherwise, will cause internal and external bushing burns and manipulator running ineffective. 9, for stamping processing, forbidden to hand into the dangerous area of ​​feeding or reclaiming. 10, regular inspection of various parts of the fastening screw is loose off, with particular attention to connecting rods, manipulators, electromagnet cage, foot switch, etc. tighten the locking screw situation, if loose to lock in time. 11, is strictly prohibited to increase the electrical box fuse specifications, to prevent the power transformer burned.

12, two people at the same time is strictly prohibited to operate a press cnc milling machine, such as a feeding, a person press the switch or foot switch. 13, found that the press operation is abnormal, such as the rotating parts loose, control device failure, should immediately stop and operate according to the provisions of their own manual inspection, such as troubleshooting can not be promptly with the company after-sales service department or intermediate links sales maintenance. 14, after the completion of a single trip  hands or feet should leave the button or foot pedal to prevent malfunction.

Detailed punching steps for hydraulic presses

Hydraulic press the details of the punching process hydraulic busbar bender, a part of the hydraulic press punching process, the main punch is the corresponding parts, punch precision determines the accuracy of the workpiece, so we die in the process must pay attention to some problems, in order to avoid damage to the workpiece Manufacturing, where the four common problems of punching die processing, the standard network share the reasons for these problems. 1, the mold is neutral The core molds in use are prone to occur in each side of the worn position is different, and in some places there are scratches, the greater the wear and tear faster, hydraulic punch which is particularly evident in the narrow rectangular mold. The main reason for this problem: (1) or the processing of precision machine tool turret design is mainly due to the installation of the wheel up and down the mold is not good for neutrality. (2) mold design and processing accuracy can not meet the requirements. (3) mold hydraulic press guide sleeve accuracy is not enough. (4) mold gap selection is not appropriate. (5) as a result of long-term use of tools or mold guide sleeve wear on the neutral bad. In order to prevent mold wear inconsistencies should be: (1) ordinary machine tool mandrel turret adjustment for the neutral inspection and installation. Guide sleeve (2) timely replacement of mold and the appropriate punch and die gap.

Tilt Punch (3) the entire mold. (4) to strengthen the sense of responsibility, the operator found in time to find the cause, to avoid causing greater losses. 2, hydraulic punch wear too fast Main reasons: (1) mode gap is small, the general recommended mold total gap is the material thickness of 20% to 25%. (2) punch and die on the neutral is not good, including the mold base and mold positioning accuracy and other components and turrets due to poor mold to the neutral bad. Punch factory (3) convex mold temperature is too high, mainly due to the same mold for a long time continuous punch press hydraulic overheating. (4) mold grinding method properly, leading to die annealing, wear. Step 5. Local unilateral cutting, such as impact, angle of attack or shear side force can hit side, side clearance is reduced, leading to serious mold wear, if the machine mold installation accuracy is not high, the hydraulic punch will seriously lead to a lower die, punching hydraulic Punch and die damage. 3, the mold material Mold and material will lead to waste, rebound, its related factors: (1) mold sharp knife, round edge, the greater the rebound, the more likely to cause waste. (2) the hydraulic punch mold modulus hole punching machine, each station’s machine tool modulus is positive, mold modulus is small, likely to cause waste recycling. (3) the gap between the mold is reasonable, if the mold gap properly, easily lead to waste recycling. (4) whether the surface of the plate has more oil. (5) spring fatigue damage. Method to prevent mold material: (1) Use a dedicated pickup to die. (2) molds often maintain sharp grinding and demagnetization CNC Busbar Punching Machine. (3) increase the mold gap. (4) The hydraulic press is based on a spiral blade die, not a flat blade die. (5) mold installation back to the feeder. 6. Reasonably increase the modulus of the mold. All landowners check the mold spring or the fatigue strength of the discharge.

The Wide Applicability of Hydraulic Press

Hydraulic press the wide applicability of the use of hydraulic punching process for the production process is varied busbar fabrication, so the hydraulic punch body structure is also a variety of forms. Precision punch from the rack form, there are vertical and horizontal. From the frame composition of view, a column type, single-arm and frame type, column type can be divided into four columns, double columns, three columns and more columns and so on. From the number of precision punch cylinder, single cylinder, double cylinder and multi-cylinder of the points.

The widespread use of hydraulic presses to the factory office efficiency relative to the past has been a certain degree of upgrading, to each use the company has brought convenience. Different types of hydraulic presses to meet the different needs of different levels of the company metal cutting, has been committed to the sales of precision presses maintenance and maintenance work in different areas we have a fixed partner. Finally on the hydraulic punch after-sales maintenance of this piece, the choice of precision presses is hydraulic metal hole punch, of course, depends on the brand, visibility, brand high punch equipment can be used as the company’s first choice, but the pursuit of cost-effective friends will combine many . The reputation of the first product 2 market usage 3 company after-sales service. If you are going to choose to cooperate with the company to meet the above requirements, then you can cooperate very well. After all, the demand for precision punch is not everyone can maintain. Precision punch in each region has its own point of cooperation services, can be a good customer to meet the market demand.

What is the meaning of the punch mold is formed

In the control of punch production period, the mold transfer closed or not related to the accuracy of Tim leatherwork accuracy, absurd grid punch mold not only the accuracy of infection processing, but also to bring the necessary Xianyan production, then, what is Reason lead to punch mold differentiated it?

1, the division of lattice grid die of the original material. In the raw material a little bad, to adopt a variety of talent to abolish the loosening of the structure of raw materials segregation and the ribbon may be obtained by casting correction.
2, punch mold parts Shiva startled Reasonable, will lead to vacuum quenching cracking should be to prevent sharp corners, edges and corners, in order to avoid uneven thickness of the punch factory, reduce the roughness. The vacuum quenching stresses of some of the other sharp corners and margins are the most cohesive areas, with harsh and blunt edges rounded or inverted. Thickness of the uneven part of the joint, but the difference over will lead to deformation or cracking. Rough surface may be a direct result of vacuum quenching cracking, specially high-alloy steel is more sensitive.

3, solemnly implement the heat treatment process, to receive the effective test frown child, guarding heat, anti-oxidation, overheating, burning. The temperature dominates the charm by exactly checking or changing the heating and cooling medium on schedule.

4, the characteristics of the mold cavity for the assimilation of heat after the punishment does not need to re-processing, or only one side of the light to optimize the thermal penalty after, in order to defend the quenching deformation.

The hydraulic punching system is a serious structural punch if the punch layout

Hydraulic punch system is a serious structural needles, then punch layout, careful analysis of the channel using punch, ubiquitous, do a good job of hydraulic winch housing services, so how should we do

First, to ensure that the hydraulic components to increase the accuracy of the installation of leather processing components and tube transport style decoration style; Second, the insurance seal script to seal the installation fee and regular exchange; the last is hard daily precious.

Second, the scene of the scientific attempt to special hydraulic components dams. Building Decoration Renovation to ensure that the original skills of the quality requirements of the hydraulic components, or good storage of hydraulic components of the texture sampling, or mapping upstream effect test test hydraulic components such as entrance, must have a local repair test.

Third, the tightening, flushing, IPM punch serious according to conventional filters and switching policy. The hydraulic method in the work flow due to shock wave attack, vote, infection and other reasons, so that the pipe joints loose, metal parts and seals wear, so must be regularly flushed and implemented hydraulic components, and oil, sealed, suspended in the policy implementation The change.

Fourth, to prevent jitter and noise from occurring in hydraulic format. Fluctuating infection of the housekeeping function of hydraulic components, it will lead to loosening of the screw, loose tube of the discussion, leading to oil spills, tube differentiation. Once the nails are broken to create a blow, the way people form with intent. In order to prevent and exclude the handshake representation.

Fifth, the increase in working temperature of the brake hydraulic oil is a link in the increase in system performance to reduce the cost of punch press power consumption.

Sixth, to create a happy hydraulic press technology files. Art Archives “period is good, use good methods, the base pipe” method is necessary for spare parts management, methods and techniques for class related fixes.

Seventh, hindered the oil, to ensure that the oil is pure, to ensure that the hydraulic system is generally an emergency hand.